My Experience + All you need to know about the iPhone 6s
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Community Manager
Community Manager
‎30-09-2015 01:10 PM
‎30-09-2015 01:10 PM

Note: A lot of facts are taken from the Apple live keynote, and experiences are based on my personal experience with the iPhone 6s out of Qatar. This piece represents my own personal opition.


Apart from the addition of a new Rose Gold colour, the iPhone 6s may look exactly like its predecessor. It’s got the same form factor, only marginlly thicker (we’re talking at 0.2mm which you can not even feel), the same display, topping out at 1080p on the iPhone 6s Plus, but thats where the similarities end. Internally, the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are two completely different beasts. 



To start off, the iPhone 6s comes with a super fast A9 chipset, which is roughly 70% more powerful than the previous chipset - A8. It packs 2 GB RAM (double from 1GB on the iPhone 6) and the same storage options of 16GB, 64GB & 128GB. So the phone is fast in all aspects - launching up, apps, and even TouchID - which is twice as fast as the older version. The cameras are a lot better than the previous generation - supporting 12MP on the rear and 5MP on the front. The front camera now supports a Retina flash, so the screen will match the colour tone and flash at full brightness. The flash works really well after having tried it out personally, as the color of the LCD flash depends on the tone in front of the camera instead of flashing a bright white screen.


The new iPhone 6s also has something called Live Photo - and it's pretty cool. There's a lot that happens just moments before a photo is clicked, and the moment right after. With Live Photo enabled, the iPhone will record a short 1.5 second video of before and after. Just remember to keep your iPhone 6s pointed at the subject right after the photo too. 


The iPhone 6s also supports a brand new touch technology, knows as 3D Touch - something very similar to what we’ve seen with Force Touch on the new MacBooks and the Apple Watch. If you want to know more about here, make sure you read this other post here -


The new iPhone also comes in with iOS 9, which is a huge incremental update to iOS 8. I've been trying out iOS 9 Beta for a while, and here are some of the features I love: 


1. Low Power Mode - Absolutely crucial! I've been traveling a lot over the last few weeks and using my device a whole lot more. Maps, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Using the Low Power Mode clocks the CPU cycle down so the processor becomes a lot less power hungry. In my experience, it's always helped me push the phone to give all day battery life. 


2. Notes - I used Notes as my goto app to take down - well - quick notes. It's a lot better with minor improvements - like adding images, checklists, map links, and more. 


3. Searching for stuff using Siri - I wanted to show a friend some images I took in London. So I fire up Siri, and ask "Show me photos from my trip to London" - and I'm shown all the travel pics in one screen. Perfect.


4. Search within Settings - this one saves me a lot of time. Whenever I go into Settings I can't always remember where those Background App Refresh settings are, or maybe I want to fiddle around with Manual Carrier selection while using Ooredoo Passport - on iOS 9 I can launch Settings and search for exactly what I need on the top search bar. 


5. Select multiple images with Swipe - If I need to delete a bunch of images, instead of having to select each one, I can just slide my finger over all the images I want to select! 



Now lets talk about networks..


While the iPhone 6 supports 4G speeds of up to 150mbps, the iPhone 6s will support 4G+ at up to 300mbps - so expect the new iPhone 6s to work best on Ooredoo’s Supernet - a network capable of mobile 4G+ speeds upto 375mbps and fixed/home broadband speeds at 100mbps (with support upto 1Gbps as tested earlier this year!). Over AC WiFi, the new iPhone 6s will support upto 866mbps, and that is crazy fast!


If you’re the kind of person who has a home media server set up over a fast AC WiFi network, you’re in for some good luck. 



As the new iPhone streams data much faster than the older one, you'd best go with a larger data pack. Thankfully, 4G mobile data is relatively inexpensive as you go up the ladder. The best bet? Go for a Mobile Data Pack which is atleast 6GB or 15GB depending on usage. These start off at just QR100 and all Shahry & Hala Packs come with bundled data options. 



Which iPhone 6s model would you be most interested in? I’d probably go for the iPhone 6s 64GB in Space Grey.. 


iPhone 6s 64GB SPACE GREY ❤️❤️❤️
Simply love it! It's so elegant Smiley Very Happy

Yes. It is an amazing phone though it takes time to get used to.

The problem is I have bought this phone from Ooredoo and for about 3 months now, I haven't had any 4G+ (LTE-A) experience.

I know that iOS 9 does not show "4G+" and will only show "4G",

but testing the speed I am getting 40 Mbps and the maximum I've ever got was about 90 Mbps.

I know this is a good speed and usually enough for phone experience. however, I bought this phone to see 4G+ and I am very disappointed!!

yeh..!! im also a user of iphone 6s for the last 1 year. my papa suggested me this phone when i was doing mu mba logistics courses in ernakulam. its so nice phone and must be prferable to others who can afford such price range.


I am working in Audit Firms In Dubai and I suggest iphones because i use iphone more than a year.Its just an amzing processing capacity.