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‎19-04-2016 10:09 AM
‎19-04-2016 10:09 AM

Hello Community


We are brining you weekly technology news from around the world made by enthusiastic Qatar University students; Omar Ahmed Al-Jumaily, Obaida Youssef Jarbi, and Qatnology. (English script is provided below)



00:12 – 00:20

Hello and welcome from Ooredoo airport branch in our first episode of the weekly YouTube show... O-Tech


00:23 – 00:44

Qatar post is testing mail delivery by drones... Yes yes that drones!

Qatar post and Ministry of communication and teleportation signed a contract to deliver mail and parcels by drones, which will save time and cost.


00:46 – 1:08

HTC announced HTC 10... It has 5.2 inch screen and unique aluminum body, it has 4GB of ram and 12 MP camera, which the company said it’s the best in its class. Will be available for sale in May.


1:12 – 1:31

Facebook is working on new smart glasses.

Facebook announced recently that it’s working with Oculus on new smart glasses, which can combine the real world with the virtual one in seamless way.


1:33 – 1:58

Instagram released new update for its app!

The new updated added two new features, the first one is now people can share up to one minute of videos, and the second feature is combining multiple videos in one video.


2:01 – 2:35

Background sound: We are filming now!

Omar: wait a bit, I am looking for Li-Fi!

Background sound: you are presenting a tech show and you don’t know it’s called Wi-Fi!?

Omar: let me tell you and our people about Li-Fi

From Wi-Fi to Li-Fi, the Li-Fi is new tech which can transmit internet by light bulbs, it can reach high speed, more than 1 GB per second.

Recently, a company called Zero.1 announced that it will launch Li-Fi officially in Middle East for the first time.


2:37 – 2:38



2:39 – 3:12

Our device today is Microsoft surface pro 4. The device has a lot of features, let’s start with the screen size which is 12.3 inch.

The device can be used as a laptop and also as a tablet.

It has 8GB or ram and there is latest Intel CPUs inside.

The device and its keyboard available are available from Ooredoo and the price start from 4400 QR


3:12 – 3:21

We are done now from this week episode, we will back next week with more interesting subjects.



Take care!

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