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‎06-03-2016 05:24 PM
‎06-03-2016 05:24 PM

Last month, Ooredoo team launched a new product that is one of a kind in the entire region, that's the Ooredoo tv. The Ooredoo tv is the latest entertainment concentric product in the massive product portfolio by Ooredoo. First it was the Qatar Cable vision, which later got upgraded to IPTV then Mozaic and now the true next gen service, Ooredoo tv.


But you might be asking yourself... What makes Ooredoo tv better than the Mozaic I already have, or why should I apply for it. Ooredoo tv is the first STB device in the region offering native 4k resolution, that's 4x the full HD resolution you see everywhere now. Not only this, but the new STB offers Wi-Fi connectivity, making it so easy to install almost anywhere in your home!



The Design

The Ooredoo tv have been working with the smart team at Huawei to deliver a device that is good looking, portable and also technologically advanced to cover our needs. After years of hard work, they were able to come with a device that is almost as small as a smartphone, and at least half the size of the Apple TV.


Along with the design, the device is equipped with a Wi-Fi chip to make it truly portable and easy to be installed anywhere you want. I remember how hard it was when I wanted to move the old Mozaic to another room, and the long ugly cables I had to run, now with Ooredoo tv all I need to do is just plug it anywhere I want and it will do its magic!


The Hardware

The new Ooredoo tv device is powered by the OS most of us is used to, powered by Android. Having Android on it gives it many smart features we have never seen on Mozaic before, such as a clean, and fast interface, access to smart apps as Twitter, Instagram, Al Jazeera and also games!


The Ooredoo tv team have put in lots of effort to update the interface on the new device, making it look clean and so easy to use. I remember it used to be hard doing a few actions on Mozaic because of the many menus and setting you had to go through, now it's all simplified and everything can be done in a few clicks!


Channel Lineup and Plans

One of the most annoying things when going for Mozaic, was selecting the packages. I remember we used to select between a Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers, and then you had a huge list of add-on packages to choose from. All this has changed on Ooredoo tv, now you only select from three main packages, which are the Arabic, Asian and International packages.


The basic Arabic, Asian and International packages now include more channels than ever before. One of the many things I noticed, that all kids channels as Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon are now a part of the main package. They have also added a lot of content from OSN to all the three packages.


Wait... I have some amazing news for you! Remember when you had to go through hundreds of channels just to get to the one you wanted? You won't have to go through that much hassle anymore! Now you can make a list of your favorite channels and go through it without having to go through the entire channel list!


Video on demand (VOD)

One of the many features that were ignored on Mozaic was the massive movies and TV shows library that Ooredoo has. Ooredoo has a library of over 8000 movies, and TV shows, but because of how hard the Mozaic system was, not many noticed the feature. With Ooredoo tv you now have a tab called "Latest" which will keep you updated with the new additions to the library!


Summary (Pros and Cons)


  1. The device is so small, making it easy to move anywhere.
  2. It has Wi-Fi
  3. 4k support. The image is now truly crystal clear!
  4. Simplified plans. No confusion anymore
  5. iOS and Android App. Control your device from your phone or tablet. Change the channels, preview them or watch movies / TV shows you rented on the go.
  6. No need for lengthy installation. As they say, instant plug and play!



  1. Requires strong Wi-Fi signal, so needs to be a little close to the router
  2. Requires a router with 802.11ac support. (Could be an issue for those who joined Fiber before May 2015 as they will need to upgrade their routers if they plan to use the device over Wi-Fi)


I hope you guys enjoyed reading my review. Don't forget to leave a comment! Also feel free to ask questions, and I will be more than happy to answer them Smiley Happy


Ooredoo Alumni

Thank you @MRizkBV for sharing your review with us. 

Ooredoo Alumni


The Star Plus channel on basic and free channel on Mozaic, but its pay channel on the new Ooredoo TV..?, can you please add the Star plus under the essentials until all the Mozaic users turns into Ooredoo TV.  I think this will give more value add to the users who changed from Mozaic to Ooredoo TV and  an encouragement to Mozaic users to turn into Ooredoo TV.


Kind Attn: Ooredoo TV

Can you please add the Star Plus (which is free on Mozaic asian pack),  under the essentials pack on Ooredoo TV until all the Mozaic users turns into Ooredoo TV.  This will make us happy those who changed from Mozaic to Ooredoo TV and  an encouragement to existing Mozaic users to turn into Ooredoo TV.  Thank you


Re Ooredoo TV Channels (Essentials doesn't include Star Plus)

The basic Asian and International packages now include more channels than ever before Ooredoo TV, but removed Star Plus channel which is a pay channel on Ooredoo TV..! Can you include the Star Plus on essentials with Ooredoo TV same as on Mozaic asian pack.  Many thanks


It is better to give information before that Asian channels are less on oreedo TV and even less than mozaic TV. ...star plus ...ary digital even not available........ need to add leat thee two....only addition is limited YouTube for children's. . 


I would like to share my experience with Ooredoo TV, where the only good thing was its design although it is copied from apple TV Now coming to the feature and marketing wise, I had the following:

1. On their marketing theyr are saying that the new Ooredoo TV will have the ooredoo club and starz play 2 months for free – but NO ONE tells you that there is a minimuin subscribtion of 3 months so technically speaking you have to pay for the 3rd month …….. Hello I didn’t ask for IT !!!!!!!!

2. On their marketing they told me I HAVE TO get the extra hard drive and I HAVE TO subscribe to one of the additional packages, I knew later that I don’t have to and it should be optional ….. and guess what the extra hard drive is not working and of course I have to visit one of their showrooms to fix it !!!!

3. On the old Mozaic the channel selection was way way better than the new one the Ooredoo TV has an amazing selection of News channels!!! I thought its an entertainment experience .

4. Now coming to watching movies specially the recorded ones (when the hard drive used to work) in order to watch the movie from the beginning you have to rewind the whole movie to start again there is nothing called play again or play from beginning.

5. I do not know how the user interface is much better but honestly I believe its much complicated but may be cause I am used to the old Mozaic and it will just take time to be familier with that one


how can i change keyboard language in ooredoo tv youtube




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