Tips how to get maximum from your fibre speed
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Ooredoo Alumni
‎14-02-2016 10:57 AM
‎14-02-2016 10:57 AM

Dear Ooredoo fibre users, we prepared some useful tips on how to measure your fibre speeds properly and get the maximum from your connection.


For the proper fibre speed measurement connect your laptop/home PC over the LAN cable to the access point. Make sure your Access point is one of our HG659 or of similar category.


The main factors which impact your speed via WiFi are:


  1. type of your Access point - we recommend HG659
  2. type of connected phone or laptop – some devices are not capable to achieve the speed of  300Mbps (check your
  3. phone/computers manual or tech specifications - 802.11ac 2x2 or 3x3 mimo ) however the faster Fibre connection enables multiple devices to share the faster speed at home
  4. in some cases a reboot of your Fibre ONT may be required to reset your speed to the fastest possible
  5. distance and obstacles between your Access point and the phone/laptop
  6. type of the content you access – some content within and outside of the country, may not support such high speeds


To maximize Wi-Fi throughout, customers on the 100Mbps and 300Mbps plan should have at least ‘3x3 MiMo’ Wi-Fi enabled equipment. This technology allows multiple “streams” of data to flow concurrently to the computer (from the modem) delivering far greater speeds.

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