DNS issues and Waiting to get help

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DNS issues and Waiting to get help

Good Afternoon,


I am expirencing a simple DNS issue that seems to have everyone at ooredoo running circles because they cannot seem to give me a simple answer to solve this problem. I want to know what takes them so long to fix something that is clearly from the companies side and not from my local setup.


The current issue is that my home router is working find, I can connect, I have an assigned IP address and everything. When I try to open a webpage I get a DNS error from chrome, safari and any other browser I can seem to get my hands one. I have tried everything from ping, traceroute, restart and re-configuring and it just does not seem to work. Now to me this is seems to be something simple that ooredoo techs should be able to handle in a short amount of time. 


I have not had interent from Sunday because someone (the person on the phone) forgot to open a ticket and now I have to wait another 24 hours for someone to come and tell me that the problem is from the company side and not from my side. 

I am sure I am not the only on the forum that has had the same problem. Is there someone that give me a simple fix, something so I dont have to wait another just sitting here waiting from them to send someone to fix my internet.




My bill has been paid and there is no outstanding balance.



Re: DNS issues and Waiting to get help

I am facing sane problem since i get internet connection.So far 7 th time ooredoo technicain came but problem temporary solved.

First you need to check your router is connected to internet server ping and observe any Ping is lost?