Scam Lottery Call (Claiming from ooreddoo)

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Re: Scam Lottery Call (Claiming from ooreddoo)

hello sir... this number 97323681 called me and told me that i won 20,000 OMR. from ooredoo dubai branch.. he knew the name of my brother who bought my sim card. and then he told me that he will send me a message to my phone and i will tell him the code that i received. then yet i received a message from ooredoo said "Dear customer, please do not share your code with anybody and never give it out over the phone or by sms. Your ooredoo self-service secret code is: ________"

then i told him the secrect code that i received and he asked my bank account so he will transfer the money.. but i said i have no bank account here in oman maybe my mother has..and then he said that i can asked my mothers bank account or take a picture of atm card then will he will call again after 10 mins but he never called again... is this is a scam?



Re: Scam Lottery Call (Claiming from ooreddoo)

@JheffSubida Good morning , such calls are spam and also Ooredoo hasn't a branch in UAE .

don't share your personal information with them to be safe .




Re: Scam Lottery Call (Claiming from ooreddoo)

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I just had a call. Told them I would call the police. He ended the call. The number is 7031 6114. Perhaps Ooredoo can trace this number and block it. This was in Qatar.

Re: Scam Lottery Call (Claiming from ooreddoo)

@ChrisGoodchild Many of persons getting calls from Qatar regarding lottery and they have complained to Ooredoo

but till date Ooredoo didn't take any action against them.

just ignore these things and be happy.

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